Why You Can Game and Travel At The Same Time

So far in my gaming career, I’ve accomplished a bunch of rewarding experiences that help me to see clearly why I want to continue gaming on my travel journey. I’ve played multiple game platforms over the years, gained loads of unique and memorable experiences, but I also had a lot of downfalls and garbage days.

One of the things that impress me about feeling something towards being a girl is my passion for doing things. I guess it’s all those psychology journals I read, but I felt that doing something completely different than my normal day-to-day routine would fit in as I one day travel the world. I wanted it to be my responsibility to mature and grow through the gaming world since I felt so inclined to it.

One example of this is finding ways to procrastinate and avoid whatever life told me I should be doing instead. Out of all the situations I felt compelled towards, I think gaming has me up for one of the lesser pressures in life. Not every game has that opportunity to completely enthrall you and challenge you. Some just don’t have a chance of even attempting to solve their main plot points. What I felt the most for was the fact that I could start.

This shifted my mindset to doing something that fit my time, my energy, my overall feelings and emotional output at the times I needed it. It was another way for me to complain, enjoy life, and ultimately cope with grievances I’ve had over the years. More than anything, it helped me to finally understand someone else’s point of view for something I never imagined the other person could feel. My mind was blown in a lot of ways.

The most distinct thing was that I could finally become my own person. When I was growing up, I felt the nature of life itself did not allow me much for personality, and just being my own person. I felt ridiculous for trying. But in the online or single player world, I could instantaneously be anything I want. Roleplaying was simple. All I had to do was create a character, then suddenly, I’m someone else, a mystery, a dreamer, a shadow.

But the most important bit in this is the fact that through my gaming life of about mostly half of my life, I’ve taken loads of risks, beaten opponents in multiplayer and single player games, and learned so many lessons I truly believe are valuable assets to what my meaning of life is. The real reason why I began drafting and editing this article is to show that you don’t have to take my word for it, but the real understanding I always benefited from was experience. Yeah, you might say, Youtubers make it waaaaayyy easier to become a “gamer” type without trying all that hard. Most games these days come out in different editions, or have dlc collections that are meant to be collected in as “Game of the Year” collector’s packages for their massive appeal. It so happens that all of that part is real, so believe in the power of currency!

Actually, what I want you to take away from all this is what really appeals to me as a artist, a gamer, but also a doer. Lately, what I noticed as the year winds down all the way to New Year’s, I have quite a few questions about where my money is going, why can’t I get rich already, then there’s the thought of my gaming podcast, besides making blog content for travel of course. I planted a seed to host many more a celebration of the fact that I made something, not simply because it sounds great on paper, but for what I believe can be able to make a change, hopefully not hurting as much to do something forgettable, but to achieve a long term goal that makes me feel alive inside when I go to sleep at night. I always wanted to try to leave an imprint where I thought was something that is built to last. Having value, making that voice heard in the darkest of nights, and telling the world my story, in hopes that it can actually show a part of me that most of my life I was doubting so much I was convinced I would never stand a chance in the “real world” for. My true identity comes in terms of the wanderer, the last to leave the office at night wondering ways to see the world, dreaming of worlds I envision at night, fading into the spectre of every piece of literature I’ve ever read. What truly makes me feel I belong is that I can know I can be wrong, I can get it right, but out of those two options, I choose to live in the moment.

P.S. I recently was looking at lists of  the top travel blogs, and wouldn’t you know it! I was picked as one of the Top 100 Travel Lifestyle Blogs!!!! Please check it out! I’m currently number 52! How awesome is that?!  Comment below to say something if you enjoyed that snippet!

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