Why You Should Get To Know Amsterdam and Three Locations That Are On The Bucketlist

FTC Disclaimer : Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases on flights, hotels, or tours and other activities that are fun to do in Amsterdam. We always make sure these are relevant so you may actually feel good to purchase. This is at no cost to you, dear traveler

Amsterdam! The city of Van Gogh and all things art and history! A lovelyvisit if you have a taste for art and appreciating abstract art forms plastered all around its buildings and architecture. Flights to Amsterdam are cheap because of the cheap airline tickets; the airlines offer for flights to and fro. The expensive part of Amsterdam is the stay. Hotels are considerably more expensive, and the overall stay will cost you a few bucks, so make sure you are ready for that before you book your holiday there. I also included a link for some cost effective Europe tours. If you are considering another option, please click here for flights and hotels.

Van Gogh museum

The prime activity I would suggest you should indulge in, is visiting the one and the only Van Gogh museum! Walls are covered with art pieces and colors by Van Gogh himself, providing you an opportunity to drool and drown in the beauty of the museum. The ticket costs the only US $20! I also included some great hotels you should check out that are very close to this museum.

Canal cruise

Next up would be to take the one and a half hour canal cruise. You will not believe how beautiful Amsterdam looks when you are in waters, or well at least floating on water. The lights set in the waters, the smooth sail of the ship, all adding to your perfect experience. The trip has always been given a full 5-star rating and costs the only US $23. Moving along, I would suggest getting yourselves cocktails at Amsterdam’s ice bar. Experience the place’s coolest venue and have complimentary cocktails to go along with it. I have included a great list of hotels here too.

Red Light District (De Wallen)

The Red Light District (De Wallen) tour is another tour provided in Amsterdam, Discover Amsterdam’s infamous red light district on a 1.5-hour tour with a German city guide. Learn more about the work of prostitutes, the sex theaters with their quirky show as well as the history of the district. The lovely red lighting will leave you open jawed, and you will enjoy yourself some good wine while on this tour. It costs about around the US $28 per person, but it is well and definitely worth the money you pay.

There you have it, people. A brief explanation of what there is to do in Amsterdam during your stay there. The city is, admittedly a bit on the expensive side, but keeps up with your savings and keep being a good sport, you will be able to afford the travel. Moreover, you will not at all regret any part of it. Hope to have helped you out and convinced you to head to Amsterdam soon enough! Leave a comment down below and tell me what tour you plan to head to first in Amsterdam.

from Travelers Abroad https://www.travelersabroad.online/travel/why-you-should-get-to-know-amsterdam-and-three-locations-that-are-on-the-bucketlist/
Source: https://travelersabroad.tumblr.com/post/188339185588

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