3 Reasons Why You Should Travel To New York

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Reason 1: A Lot Of Culture

New York is home to 8.623 million people, comprising of 4 diverse boroughs that make up the entirety of the city and a representation of how the city itself is bustling with diversity. The vivid buzz of city, the variety in culture, people, seasons and food, the array of historic landmarks like The Statue of Liberty​ , ​ Broadway Theatre at Times Square​ , ​ Central Park​ , and so much more that it has to offer, making it one of the best travel destinations in the United States of America.

Reason 2 : It’s Very Safe

New York has all the qualities for a quick weekend getaway – well first of all New York ranks as one of the safest ​ places in America with a crime rate per resident even lower than the countrywide average, the transport system is great and economic with New York’s iconic subway station that moves throughout the entirety of the city and not to mention the excellent accommodation facilities that cater to all budget brackets especially with innovations like Airbnb, Flipkey and HomeStay which can facilitate students, couples or whoever’s traveling on a budget. However other helpful services include Expedia.com which will easily find you an accommodation even in ​ Manhattan for around $130-150 per night, which is decent considering it’s estimated for a weekend getaway in the US.

Reason 3 : You Will Never Get Bored

Another reason why New York ranks as one of the best travel destinations in the US is that
there’s almost a null chance of getting bored there. Ranging extensively from every niche thereis, be it art and history where visiting ​ The Metropolitan Museum of Art​ , ​ National September 11 Memorial & ​ Museum and ​ The Museum of Modern Art is a must. Or even places like the ​ One World Observatory which warrants you a breathtaking aesthetic of the city from the top. Moreover, most urban travelers make the mistake of traveling only to Manhattan, the posh side of NY – but if you’ve visited New York and haven’t been to the districts of Queens or Brooklyn you haven’t seen it all. To sum it up, New York undoubtedly accounts for one of the best travel destinations in the US, especially for some time off, on a weekend. If you liked this content, please feel free to comment below to tell me what you think of NYC as one of the most brilliant travel destinations. Bonus! ​ If you somehow could not make it through your flight to NYC, don’t sweat it! Air help is a travel compensation company willing to give you the grounding to get back on your feet after suffering a huge blow to your time, and wallet! ​ This is my affiliate link here, but there’s more information on the site that helps you way more than just “googling it”. I highly recommend you put in your dates you last traveled and see what comes up for you since I know how hard it must be to go on vacation and then get caught up in an awkward and uncomfortable situation. Thanks for reading all the way down here by the way!

from Travelers Abroad https://www.travelersabroad.online/travel/3-reasons-why-you-should-travel-to-new-york/
Source: https://travelersabroad.tumblr.com/post/188337906653

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